37 Companies Aiming for Industrial Revolution 4.0 Join Technical Guidance at LNK

June 21, 2024

Mojokerto – A total of 37 reps from various businesses in the F&B industry in Indonesia took part in a technical guidance (Bimtek) regarding the Industrial Revolution 4.0 at PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo (LNK). This event was hosted by the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia in a bid to prepare business owners for inevitable global challenges that will come with digital transformation. The event was also designed to encourage participants to help reach Net Zero Emission by 2050. (6/6)

During the visit to LNK, participants were also invited to join a factory tour and learn how LNK as a National Lighthouse implemented Industry 4.0 Revolution principles in its business – starting from the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) to using big data for increasing efficiency in all aspects.

Merrijantij Punguan Pintaria, a director at the Ministry of Industry, said that it’s important for us to “transform towards the industry 4.0 in addition to increasing efficiency in all aspects of our business.” She continued, “This is Indonesia’s commitment for Net Zero Emission (NZE), which we’re all hoping will be achieved 10 years earlier in 2050.”

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LNK’s approach towards technological revolution has inspired and encouraged multiple manufacturers in the industry to make positive transformations amidst increasing challenges, including ones related to climate changes.

“We hope that after today’s technical guidance, PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo can influence other business owners in the industry to transform for the better,” she added.

At the same event, Head of F&B Business Owners (GAPMMI) Adhi S. Lukman hoped that PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo would be able to lead other businesses in implementing the Industry 4.0 revolution while maintaining excellent performance in both domestic and international markets.

“PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo as a National Lighthouse has pioneered the implementation of digital and industry 4.0 revolutions, and managed to record positive results. We hope all representatives of this industry will follow suits and get the benefits, so the food and beverage industry in Indonesia can continue to grow and make contribution to our economy,” he stated.

Chief Executive Officer of PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo Hendrik Gunawan also shared his views of the visit. “We’re glad to welcome these 37 manufacturers and be able to share our experience in implementing Industry 4.0 with all of them,” he said. “In addition to becoming the first when it comes to innovations, we’re also committed to creating green environment. We hope this visit provides new insights and inspiration, and we can together realize Net Zero Emission by 2050.”

He further added that digital 4.0 revolution should begin with mindset rather than assets, as LNK has also been holding on to sustainable working mindset.

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