Co-manufacturing (OEM)


Preliminary process to determine product requirements


Creating the right formula to produce the best product

Pilot Scale Trials

Applying formula into small scale facility to find the right characteristic and setting

Test Approval

Thorough assessment to ensure the quality of the product


Scale up to real production facility


Setting the right production flow to create the desired product


Provide storage facility for finished good products


Delivering the finished product to you

Spray Drying Process

Using European Technology

Our spray drying facility allows you to transform liquids with desirable properties into a more convenient powder form.

Dry Blending Process

Adequate Production Facility

Our dry blending facility has capabilities to produce a wide range of ingredient blends and premixes.


Organoleptic Laboratory

We have experienced and highly trained internal panelist to ensure that we deliver the best sensory quality products to our customer.

Microbiology Laboratory

All of our products are conducted microbiological tests to make certain that they meet safety regulations during the production process until finished products.

Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Equipped with high technology instruments to analyze the physical and chemical properties of our products.

Application Laboratory

In this laboratory, our product development carry out research and innovation to create new products which are capable to cater a wide range of food and beverage applications.

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