November Roundup: PT LNK Took Part in the G20 Summit and Other Highlights

November 30, 2022

November was another busy month at PT Lautan Natura Krimerindo. With the market demanding more innovative F&B products, the Cmpany took part in various events in which they could potentially introduce healthy food ingredients to the world.

Some of those events were the SIAL Interfood which took place in Jakarta earlier in the month and the G20 Summit that were attended by many world leaders. In addition, the Company was kept busy with its University and Industry in Synergy program. Trying to keep up with everything that happened throughout the month? Continue reading and follow @LautanNaturalKrimerindo on Instagram to always keep tabs on the Company’s activities.

PT LNK Supported Small Business Through CSR Program

As we know, PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo has been working with youths residing near the Company’s factory in Mojosari to create more valuable goods with used pallets. With either the pallets they’ve already owned or used pallets they bought from other companies, the Company has taught the youths to create stools, desks, cupboard, and most recently vending carts which can later be sold.

But this time, LNK bought several vending carts from the youths to be given away for its Corporate Social Responsibility programs. The Company hopes that the carts can be used by small business owners and may eventually grow the economy of residents living around the Company’s Mojosari, Mojokerto office.

FiberCreme and RichCreme Got Highlighted at the SIAL Interfood in Jakarta

SIAL Interfood started in Jakarta in early November with local and international F&B manufacturers as the exhibitors. For the fhe four-day event, LNK tried to attract potential customers with several cooking demo segments headlined by the professionals.

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Among those invited by LNK was Mikael Jasin, known as professional barista and the winner of Indonesian Barista Championship 2019 and 2020. He also scored the 4th place in the World Barista Champiopnship in Boston back in 2019. At SIAL Interfood, he demonstrated several ways to use multi-purpose creamer FiberCreme in beverages like coffee.

Another notable name representing LNK at the event was Risa Andithia, a professional pastry chef and baking instructor. She managed to show audience to create tastu and beautiful dessert with LNK’s RichCreme Whip Creme Powder.

University of Surabaya Teachers Served as Guest Lecturers for LNK’s Operational Team

In synchronizing the needs of university and industry for the University and Industry in Synergy program, LNK welcomed several lecturers of University of Surabaya (Ubaya) to is main office in Mojosari. During the occasion, the lecturers took over the operational department to give a special lesson to the Company’s operational managers and supervisors.

The teachers shared their knowledge, theoretically, in hopes they can help solve real-life problems faced by the Company, especially by the operational department.

FiberCreme and Its Brand Ambassador William Wongso Joined the G20 Summit in Bali

FiberCreme made sure the G20 Summit 2022 could run smoothly. The multi-purpose creamer supports the highly-publicized event by making the product available during coffee breaks and dinner. In addition to adding smoothness to the coffee, FiberCreme also offered convenience for the summit’s participants to get their daily fiber intake.

In related news, FiberCreme’s Brand Ambassador William Wongso had a significant role in the G20, being in charge for the meals served to the guests. Known as Indonesian culinary expert and his dedication to introduce Indonesian cuisine, Wongso were chosen to curate the menu and oversee the production of every single dish served to guests. Read more about Wongso’s contribution to the conference here.

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