PT LNK Accepts National Lightouse 4.0 Award, Very Ready to Lead Industrial Transformation in Indonesia

January 24, 2023

PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo (LNK) came out as one of the winners of the National Lightouse 4.0 Awards from the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia. The awards were given to companies that have previously won INDI 4.0 Awards and been deemed successful in making technological improvement that led to increased productivity and efficiency.

These Are the Reasons Why LNK Was Eligible for National Lightouse 4.0 Awards

LNK did receive an INDI 4.0 Award in 2021 in the Aggressive Digitalization category for the Company’s attempt to accelerate digitization in various sectors. That year, LNK earned 2,90 from an index of 4.0, which meant it was in the early stages of transforming digitally.

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After making various improvements, LNK earned a point of 3,33 – indicating it’s “very ready” to apply the Industrial Technology 4.0 concept. Some of the positive impacts of the digital implementation are as follows:

  1. Reduction of product defects by 70%
  2. Increased production capacity by 20%
  3. Reduction of maintenance cost by 30%
  4. Reduction of energy ratio by 14%
  5. Increased sales by 43%

Due to the improvements, LNK was regarded as capable of becoming a role model for similar industries to implement the the Industrial Technology 4.0 and was thus rewarded the Lighthouse Industry 4.0 trophy during a ceremony held on December 6 at the Ministry of Industry office in Jakarta.

“The National Lighthouse Industry 4.0 Award is a proof of the support by the government. It also serves as a reminder for us to make more contributions that lead to increased productivity while maintaining sustainability,” said LNK Director Hendrik Gunawan about the trophy.

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“I hope this achievement can inspire other industries to make digitization a part of their business to increase effectivity and efficiency, so we can together compete in the international market,” he added.

Aside from becoming a lighthouse or a guide for other industries to make digital transformation to improve productivity, LNK is expected to play a major role in leading industries in Indonesia to realize the Net Zero Emission goal by year 2060.

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