PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo Introduces Innovative Ingredients to Egypt 

July 13, 2022

In line with its missions to top the global food and beverage ingredients market, PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo (LNK) recently participated in the 2022 FI Africa. During the food ingredient exhibition taking place in Cairo, Egypt on May 29-31, the Company was super excited to introduce several of its quality products. 

The Company brought along several innovations they manufacture, including FiberCreme that hits the shelves in Indonesia as a high fiber alternative to coconut and dairy milk. Additionally, the Company introduced its non-dairy creamer, foaming creamer, and whipping cream powder to the audience attending the 3-day event at the Egypt International Exhibition Center. 

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LNK Is About Providing Solutions for the F&B Industry 

Amid the growing F&B market, there will surely be increased demands for differentiated products. In order to help create customers’ desired products and win the competition, PT LNK has been focusing on creating innovative food ingredients since established in 2010. 

To achieve the best outcome, the company combines modern machines with the latest technology and highly capable human resources for each production process. The Company also complies with existing regulations, including earning required certifications, to ensure food safety. 

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Planned Expansion to New Countries 

With all the technology and resources it has, PT LNK is confident that it can fulfill the global needs for quality and innovative food ingredients. While continuing to grow the Company’s market in its home country of Indonesia, PT LNK is seeking to enter the food and beverage market in other regions – including Middle Eastern and African countries for which the Company joined the Fi Africa exhibition. 

The exhibition was launched in 2021 as part of Africa Food Manufacturing and was designed to be a one-stop sourcing platform for the latest and most innovative ingredients, packaging, processing, and logistic solutions. 

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