FiberCreme is now available in Malaysia!

April 28, 2021

FiberCreme Enters Malaysia Market, Answers Growing Demands for Healthy Ingredients

Being healthy allows people to do fun things. But let’s admit it, people don’t usually find it fun to try being healthy.

Healthy life, for most people, would mean restriction from everything that they love – including foods. But fortunately, that isn’t always the case now. In order to show people that they can still indulge in their favorite foods and stay healthy at the same time, FiberCreme is looking forward to expanding its market to Southeast Asian countries.

A brand owned by PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo from Indonesia, FiberCreme chose to first invade the Malaysia market due to the country’s similar culture with Indonesia’s.

Just like in Indonesia, coconut milk is one of the biggest things getting in the way for people in Malaysia to start a healthy lifestyle. A lot of the country’s specialties owe their tastiness to the rich flavor of the white, milk-like liquid extracted from shredded mature coconut flesh.

Omitting coconut milk from those dishes is, of course, out of question. So replacing it with a better alternative is the most doable option. Therefore, FiberCreme came to answer the challenge to provide healthier food ingredients.

Made with a source of dietary fiber called oligosaccharide, mixed with healthy coconut oil, FiberCreme offers high fiber, natural sweetness with low sugar, low calorie, and low fat, all with the creamy taste of coconut milk.

Unlike regular coconut milk which goes bad quickly and has its saturated fat transformed into bad cholesterol upon heating, FiberCreme lasts longer and won’t cause bad cholesterol spike even after being cooked and heated multiple times. So it’s definitely possible now for people to taste the authentic flavor of the likes of curry, laksa, nasi lemak, and even cendol without worry.

Aside from replacing coconut milk, FiberCreme can also be used as an alternative to dairy milk to those who have lactose intolerance. So enjoy your favorite cookies, cake, and dairy milk-based beverages again with FiberCreme.

FiberCreme is now available at both online and offline stores. Purchase it from the comfort of your home through the FiberCreme official store on Lazada, Shopee, and Supply Bunny. Or find it on your favorite supermarkets like AeonBig and AJBest.

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