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Lautan Krimer™

Excellent quality of creamers

Lautan Krimer™ offers a range of powdered creamers for instant and convenient beverage application. Besides delicious, creamy taste, our creamers are versatile with a wide range of fat and protein content as well as fat and protein source. Texture-wise, our superior ingredients produce uniform agglomerated powder with pleasing sensory attribute. Available as NHVO or HVO variant.


Creamer features :
    • Delicate, milky-creamy taste
    • Long-lasting mouthfeel
    • Optimum stability against feathering
    • Ultimate whitening ability
Fat powder
  • Super creamy taste
  • Wide range of oils
  • Encapsulated nutritional oils

Product Description


Magic on Our Food

It is our commitment to ensure that you can get the right product for your specific application.


PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo

Jl. Raya Mojosari – Pacet Km. 4,
Ds. Pesanggrahan, Kab. Mojokerto
East Java – Indonesia
Ph: +62 321 599778 Fax: +62 321 599779