Lautan Krimer

Packing size 25 kgs in multiwall paperbag or 500 kgs jumbo bag
Shelf life 24 months in multiwall paperbag or 12 months in jumbo bag


Creamer / Beverages Whiteners – Excellent quality of creamers

Delicious, creamy taste, and pleasing mouthfeel powdered creamers that is suitable for beverages, milk tea, coffee, as well as an ingredients for filling, seasoning and dessert. Aside of the delightful sensory attributes, our creamers are versatile with a wide range of fat and protein content as well as fat and protein source to meet any different consumer’s needs.


  1. Creamy and milky taste
  2. Full and long lasting mouthfeel
  3. Excellent solubility and powder properties
  4. Available in acid stable, no-trans fat, low saturated fat, low sugar creamer variants
Packing size 10 kgs in multiwall paperbag
Shelf life 18 months


Foaming Creamer – Indulgent creamy foam

Our remarkable foaming creamer creates smooth and milky foam layer instantly on the top of your beverages. It‘s a perfect complement to cappuccino, latte, and milk tea.


  1. Excellent foam height and foam stability
  2. Frothing foam texture
  3. Velvety creamy mouthfeel
  4. Delicate fresh milk taste