Occupational Health and Safety

PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo runs its business on the occupational health and safety principles as mentioned below:

  1. Creating a safe and healthy workplace for stakeholders, that include stakeholders, employees, partners, government, and the people around the location of PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo
  2. Continuously working on handling and preventing occupational accidents, occupational diseases, environmental pollution, as well as making continuous efforts to save and/or manage natural resources.
  3. Complying with the laws and regulations, as well as other applicable requirements regarding safety, occupational health, and environmental management.
  4. Setting goals for safety, occupational health, and environmental management.
  5. Providing facilities, supports, resources, and training to improve every employee’s skills and raise their awareness of the company’s safety, health and environmental management goals.
  6. Controlling and making continuous improvement in occupational safety, occupational health and environmental management system.
  7. Cooperating and communicating with stakeholders related to the safety, health, and enviromental management system.
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