NutraIngredients Asia Awards: PT LNK Gets a Nod for Its Contribution to Functional Food Sector

August 9, 2023

With the global F&B market continuing to grow, demand for healthy food and beverage ingredients has been showing massive increase as well. As a company committed to providing solution for the industry, PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo has been working hard to create innovations to cater to the market needs. One of the innovations the Company has to offer is FiberCreme™, which is currently nominated as a finalist for NutraIngredients Asia Award of 2023.

Awarded ingredient FiberCreme™ is the first and only innovation in the world that bring together a blend of soluble fiber and coconut oils in the form of encapsulated powder. It has received patents in both the US (US 11,297,867 B2) and its home country of Indonesia (IDP000072684).

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Since first introduced in 2016 at Food Ingredients Asia in Jakarta, FiberCrème™ has continued to gain recognition for being an innovative product as it got awarded at some of the biggest international exhibitions such as SIAL Food and Gulfood. It has also been trusted by industries which are looking to expand their portfolio with a line of healthy products launched in APAC.

Adding a new achievement to its growing list of accolades, FiberCreme™ has recently been announced as a contender for the top prize in the Nutrition Research project of the Year category with its research titled “FiberCreme as a Functional Food Ingredient Improves Lipid Profile and Reduces Cardiovascular Diseases”.

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According to the research, clinical trial results showed that the FiberCreme™ cookies could significantly help reduce cholesterol, triglyceride and cardio risk ratio scores. Dietary fiber from FiberCreme™ can interfere with the emulsification, digestion and absorption of lipids. It also increases bile acid deconjugation leading to increased excretion of fecal bile acids and lowers cholesterol levels by stimulating the liver to synthesize bile from circulating cholesterol.

Designed to “recognize the brightest and best ingredients, finished products, and initiatives across APAC’s thriving nutrition and functional food sectors,” NutraIngredients-Asia Awards have all the entries assessed by a round of independent industry experts from across the APAC region based on a number of criteria such as innovation, diversity, growth, customer service, investment in people or strategic thinking.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony scheduled to take place in Singapore this coming September. Share this news on to support FiberCreme™.

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