February Roundup: Caring Is Loving

March 15, 2024

Love isn’t always about giving flowers and chocolate. During February, which is also known as the Month of Love, we at PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo showed love by raising awareness of several important things for our employees, including their safety and mental health. 

Continue reading to get more details about our activities in February! 

Basic Firefighting Training for Employees 

A fire hazard can happen anywhere. In commemoration of OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) National Month of 2024, we at PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo held a basic firefighting training for employees.  

The training also includes a session during which each participant was taught to use a fire extinguisher properly. Through this activity, employees are expected to not only be able to prevent fire hazard from happening. But also, they’re able to put out fires should fire-related disasters happen. 

Mental Health Talks  

Along with increasing expectations and pressure in today’s fast-paced world, mental health has become one of the main concerns for a lot of workers lately. Taking our employees’ mental wellness seriously, we held a talk show with Psychologist Astrid Regina of DearAstrid in late February. 

During the event, Astrid introduced us to the concept of mental health and taught us how to identify symptoms of mental disorders. She also encouraged us to seek professional help if needed so we could achieve or maintain a good work-life balance. 

Birthday Celebration for February Gang 

It’s time for February-born employees to shine!  

Closing out the Month of Love, we invited all employees born in February to a pink-themed joint birthday bash. The fun filled party included photo booth, games, and lunch – supported by FiberCreme and LeCrea Diet Meal. 

Happy birthday to you all. May the new age bring more happiness, good luck, and health. 

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