December Roundup: New Awards and New Audience in Welcoming the New Year

January 13, 2023

PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo is closing out the year 2022 with a handful of notable achievements. Aside from a few awards to be added to its long list of accolades, the Company also got to bring its product FiberCreme to several countries in Europe.

And that’s not all. There were still some activities that PT LNK did throughout December that deserved a spot in this roundup. As part of the LNK family, read the article below to catch up on what you may have missed and let’s look forward to more good things for the new year of 2023.

FiberCreme Goes to Europe

FiberCreme accompanied its brand ambassador William Wongso to attend some culinary events in France and the Netherlands. The first event was a cooking demo held at the Indonesian Embassy in Paris on December 5. During his visit, William created several mouthwatering indonesian dishes with a French touch, or the other way around.

BACA JUGA FiberCreme Inside Partner Mungbee Goes to 2022 SIAL Paris

After making another stop at an event in Paris, at the Djakarta Bali restaurant to be exaxt, William flew to the Netherlands and attended a workshop held by the Indonesian Embassy of Den Haag. Aside from introducing Indonesian delicacies, William also shared some knowledge about cooking to audience that included chefs, bloggers, influencers, and F&B business owners.

Lautan Natural Krimerindo Wins Siddhakarya Award

PT Lutan Natural Krimerindo became one of the six recipients of the 2022 Siddhakarya Award. The achievement was given by the East Java Governor to recognize participants’ effort to continuously and sustainably increase their productivity.

BACA JUGA Mikael Jasin Showcases His Barista Skills with FiberCreme

Winning the Unggul category, LNK was deemed very productive despite the Covid-19 pandemic that affected many industries. A rep for the Company received the trophy during a ceremony held early December at Dafam Hotel Surabaya.

Lautan Natural Krimerindo Makes Donation to Earthquake Victims in Cianjur

Throughout November and December, PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo encouraged its employees to donate food and clothing for those affected by the earthquake that leveled several areas in Cianjur, West Java. After a few weeks of collecting enough food, clothing, and other basic needs, the donations were sent in hopes they can help the victims ease their burden and stay in healthy condition.

Lautan Natural Krimerindo Honored with Rintek and Lighthouse Industry 4.0 Awards

LNK was once again named the recipient of the Rintisan Teknologi Industri a.k.a. Rintek Award. The honor is annually given to Indonesian companies that have consistently upgraded their technology in order to increase productivity and independence.

BACA JUGA FIA Ellenka 2022

LNK took home the Rintek trophy for its innovations titled “Pangan Fungsional Plant-Based, Dairy Free, dan Tinggi Serat, serta Penerapannya pada Produk Makanan dan Minuman” (Plant-Basedm Dairy-Free, and High-Fiber Functional Food, and Its Application in F&B Products). The award-giving ceremony was hosted by the Ministry if Inudstry of Indonesia in Jakarta in early December,

At the same event, the Company also accepted the Lighthouse Industry 4.0 for making digital transformations in major aspects. Given to nine of tens of companies receiving the Indi 4.0 Awards in 2021, Lighthouse Industry 4.0 Award was intended to mark each company’s role in becoming a lighthouse to guide other companies in making digital changes.

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