Creamer by Lautan Krimer™

Excellent quality of creamers

Lautan Krimer™ offers a range of powdered creamers for instant and convenient beverage application. Besides delicious, creamy taste, our creamers are versatile with a wide range of fat and protein content as well as fat and protein source. Texture-wise, our superior ingredients produce uniform agglomerated powder with pleasing sensory attribute. Available as NHVO or HVO variant.

Creamer features:

  • Delicate, milky-creamy taste
  • Long-lasting mouthfeel
  • Optimum stability against feathering
  • Ultimate whitening ability

Fat powder:

  • Super creamy taste
  • Wide range of oils
  • Encapsulated nutritional oils

Foamer by Lautan Krimer™

Indulgent creamy foaming creamer

Elevate your cup of coffee with our remarkable foaming creamer. Lautan Krimer™ creates creamy and milky micro-foam bubbles instantly for a delightfully smooth mouthfeel. Perfect for adding a delicate taste in cappuccino, lattes, and milk tea.

Foaming creamer features : :

  • Excellent Foam height and foam stability
  • Beautiful consistency of foam texture
  • Velvety creamy mouthfeel
  • Delicate fresh milk taste
  • Easy to apply milk-froth imitation

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